Hello friends, many of our needy girl children face a really hard time when they go into their menstruation days. Many of them never show up in schools during their menstrual days.
This is because they lack proper gear to keep them safe and comfortable during such periods. Many girls use items like papers, improper pieces of cloths that most times fail to hold the flow which in one way or another ends up causing bacterial infections to them.

We are extending a helping hand to 200 needy girls in our village schools. We do try to help 200 girls each with a packet of proper SANITARY PADS every month.
We kindly request you friends for the support to help the girls and to see to it that they live a more hygienic life. You may choose to donate to help one girl child, 2 children or any number of children that you wish

How Can You Help?

  • Sponsor Drinking water for School Children
  • Donate Water Bottles to Children.
  • Donate other drinks like juice and sodas.
  • Join as a volunteers

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