For the Amazing Maize Project, SSS hired some land in the village. On this land, SSS plants maize (corn) on it. When the maize grows, it is harvested, taken to be milled into flour. The flour is then given to the school going children.

At the children's homes, the flour is prepared to make Posho (food) which is eaten by the children. This means that children go to school when they are satisfied at least their stomachs are filled with some food. Through this, children do not suffer so much hunger at school which eventually helps to keep them living and also helps them study well thus improving their academic performance.

When relatively good yields are obtained, SSS donates the flour to schools too - So that the schools can also prepare some food for the children to eat while at school.


It is very common that in Uganda, after children have finished the Primary education level, many children drop out of school before they have acquired any tangible skill that may help earn a living in the future for the survival and development of their families. Among the very many reasons why the children drop out of school, failure by the parents/guardians to raise school fees which can enable the child to proceed to secondary level is a big reason. So the child stays around without doing so much and so the vicious circle of poverty lives on.

We at SSS have a Passion and big good plan to have this come to an end. It is to this effect that we wish to put up a Vocational Training School that will train the needy children here in Uganda in various fields.


Basing on the fact that many schools in rural societies here cannot provide water to the children and since there is limited capacity to put a water source at every school here, SSS devised a solution that would at least help children not to stay thirsty at school.

SSS donates water bottles to these school going children. The bottles help the children to carry boiled water from their homes to school. This boiled water from homes is what the children drink all day while at school. This at least helps children not to stay thirsty at school which eventually helps them study well thus improving their academic performance.


During school holidays Save Starving Societies gives out some scholastic materials like books, pens, pencils, geometry sets to school going children to boost their studies when they get back to their schools. This is what we call the Back to School Project.

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