In order to help raise some funds, we have put up some Ugandan made Art and Craft pieces of various kinds here for you friends. The Proceeds from the sale would help us to run the various Needy kids projects

Our Projects include: (1) The Water Bottle Project, (2) Amazing Maize Project, (3) Back to School Project & (4) Vocational School Construction Project. Hope you would help to support.


Great thanks to all our friends that have come on board to support these projects.You too may also support us to help in the lifting of the livelihood of school going children. We appreciate all sorts of assistance /donations. Donations like shoes, clothes, academic materials, toys or any other that you may think of are greatly appreciated.


We are mobilizing, training and encouraging the families to do subsistance farming in order to generate food for consumption. Currently we are working within the villages of Mpatta, Buwunga, Ttaba, Gobero , Kawuna and Kabanga in Mukono district. We are hoping to expand assistance to children in other places as our capacity grows.

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